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Informational notification of the potentional clients
Postal and Electronical distribution of the info mails about coming events and exhibitions, according to their type of the business and major theme of the exhibition.

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Spheres of use:
Development of the Sales Channels
We are ready to offer maximum, complete and full database of the organisations, including wide information on them. You wouldn't need any longer to search for clients in different sources, identify and match them - all required contacts we will provide in one solid database:
- title of the organisations, extension, form of the ownership;
- type of business;
- address (index, blocks, street, building)
- contact details (phone, email, web-site)
- additional information (form of payments available, date of registration, number of employees, geo coordinates).
Such database will allow you to focus on targeted audiences like wholesalers (trademarks, department shops, etc) or end-users (cafes, restaurants, plants, governmental bodies, etc):

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Spheres of use:
Banks • Mobile operators • Wholesalers • Services
Keep your database up-to-date
Up-to-date database - is a vital and required tool to run qualified and quality contacts with clients. We ready to support your database in actual and updated status via:
- supply contacts of newly opened organisations on regular basis
- keep your current database in accurate shape and with updated contacts in case of any changes, closures of businesses, shifts of organisation's locations and in other cases.

Such approach required and in demand for organisations who provide transportation services, banking services, communications services or provide any equipment. You have chance to save the time of your personnel with cut of checking and re-check of contacts in your database by sales representatives or call-operators. With use of 2GIS Databases - you will be the first, who know about changes on market.

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Spheres of use:
Banks • Mobile operators • Wholesale • Sphere of Services
Search for customers on appointed territories
We ready to collect and provide database or adressed plan of buildings, regarding your specified geo focused criteria:
- radial region from selected point
- considering regional and administrative divide
- with regard to walking and transportation availability
- and with consideration of the size of polygon areas.
Such selection of data in datastes is in demand for searchs of the clients in nearby regions of offices of banks, medical branches, divide of zones of reponsibilities between sales representatives, plans of marketing activities, focused on private persons.

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Spheres of use:
Mobile operators • Sphere of Services • Medical Retail sector
Gathering of the detailed data on companies
You may filter database of the clients by wide variety of parameters as :
-VAT Number (INN);
- number of employees
- geo coordinates
Such data will help you to identify potential clients by number of employees in a company and match with your database for example in banking sector, mobile operators, big wholesale companies, distribution companies, internet service providers.

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Spheres of use:
Banks • Mobile operators • Wholesale • Services • Medical services
Supply of the addressed plans of the towns
- Address (index, district, street, building)
- Type of building and it is functions
- Number of flats and entrance halls
- Servicing organisations (Internet service Providers, Management organisations, Police offices, Medicine Clinics)
- Number of organisations in Building
- GEO-coordinates
Such information allow you to plan effectively your communications with audience (private or legal entities), internet service providers, mobile operators and engineering systems).

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Spheres of use:
Mobile operators • Internet service providers
Competitive surface analysis
To make effective calculation on the best place for your next affiliate office, trade points or splits for zones of responsibility we are ready to provide below data:
- cartography of the town of your interest
- database of the organisations (with complete range of parameters, including geo coordinates)
- Database of the building objects (type of the buildings, number of flats and entrance halls).
- database of the public transport stop places
- database of the infrastructure objects (parking, sightseeing places)
With such data you may easily identify zones for your places, which would be closely related to social objects or near to your competitors.

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Spheres of use:
Banks • Mobile operators • Services Retail
Analisys of the transportation availability
The data, provided by 2GIS, will give you the opportunity to build up zones of the services or product availability, based on:
- walking routes
- auto transportation routes
- Stopping platforms with indication routes which goes via them.
We will indicate parking places with number of the places on them. Such information will help you to calculate the coverage of the audience before startup of the trade points and manage marketing activities during working time as well.

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Spheres of use:
Banks • Services • Retail
Supply of the cartography solutions for engineering networks
Precise cartography data, provided by 2GIS, used for design and construction of the engineering networks. Such dataset more often used as:
- cartography database (with detailed information on inter districts routes and fences)
- detailed information on buildings (number of organisations, number of flats and entrance halls, building functions);
- public transportation stop places, bridges, railway and tram ways.
Such data will help you to create and design heat-pipe's ground constructions, define locations for cable networks, with respect to internal town infrastructure and calculate even potential volume of the energy consumption in selected areas.

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Spheres of use:
Internet-Service Providers • Heat Pipes networks • Project organisations • Energy supply organisations • Water channels
Online integration with external services
Geo-Information data, supplied via 2GIS services, successfully used by famous software manufactures for taxi services, management of the transportation objects and logistics services.
With 2GIS API you may:
- receive access to the quality geo-coding facilities;
- create routes
- receive actual cartography and database of the organisations
- receive information on traffic jams on the roads including retro data.
IT will allow you to solve your tasks on buildings routes, calculation the cost of the travels and navigate drives along their trips via mobile applications.


Spheres of use:
Taxi and transportation companies • Software development • Logistics
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